Laughter & Longing

Here are week 2 reflections from Shari on her sabbatical, for those who are keeping her in their prayers and for those who wonder what she’s doing by her lonesome in a house in the woods on a tiny island. Her email updated included several beautiful, poetic images we aren’t able to include here, unfortunately. Check our Facebook page for a look at the beauty surrounding her during this time.

In the stillness.
In the people-less quiet.
In the chance meetings of friends I never knew. 
In the gentle breezes and the teardrop rain.
In the tender kisses that could only be from Him.  
My Papa says, “I love you.”
And, I cry.  
I love You, too. 

I ache to tell you about meeting God here in this sacred space.  Someday.  Soon.  Until then, here are four snippets from my 2nd week on the island.  

1. My laughter came backHere’s a gem to make you laugh, too.  I dare you.  Try not to laugh.

2.  I made a winning exchange 

The stash of fiction has been sacrificed for these strategic gems.  These two are taking me to mysterious places with God that I knew existed, but couldn’t find. 

3. I was washed anew at a simple house church. 

I don’t want to lose this feeling. The Holy Spirit caressed my heart.  The lyrics groaned within me and compelled my lips to sing as music from the baby grand and the djembe filled the room like incense swirling ‘round my senses.  I cried.  Others did, too.  I wish there was a word reserved for moments like this.  Sacred.  Holy.  Beautiful.   Yes, and more.  Heaven?  Maybe.  At a time when I left home wondering how to experience something more with God, He gave me more.  

“Happy events make life delightful  but they do not lead to self-discovery and growth and freedom.  That privilege is reserved to the things and persons and situations that cause us pain.”
Anthony de mello

I am here for self-discovery.  I poke my head over the deep well of grief and pain and look intently at the darkness within.  I won’t go there on my own.  But I’m not on my own.  Papa takes my hand and walks me down the filthy stairs.  I feel safe.  And, when we emerge from the dark, the light seems twice as bright. The moment of emergence is a happy event.  Life truly is delightful.  

4.  x2 My laughter came back.  

Much love,
Shari & Krazy Kitty