Fostering a lifestyle of worship

By Aaron Kranz, Worship Leader


The word takes on multiple meanings.

Worship music, like I lead at Tapestry on Sundays, helps us enter into God’s presence, opens us up to experience God, and to offer our praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Music is just one form of worship though.

More fully, worship is how we build and strengthen our relationship with God, and it may happen through music, prayer, service, study, or typically, a combination of all of those. The more time we spend worshiping God, the more intimacy we gain with Him, and the more evident His presence in our lives is. Intimacy with God, gained through a lifestyle of worship, changes our perspectives and relationships with others by enabling us to love God and love people every day. When you’re living a lifestyle of worship, you’re living sacrificially, giving yourself up to live as Christ. That is Christianity.

Worship Sermon Series Preview

Join us for our 6-week sermon series starting on Sunday, January 13, which will help you cultivate a lifestyle of worship. Specifically, it will help you:

  • Understand your identity and what you’re meant for

  • Learn how God feels about you

  • Consider how the relationship between you and God works

  • See how a deeper relationship with God affects you, your relationships and your daily interactions with others  

We’ll talk about worship as music and how energetic praise represents the worship happening in heaven, and fulfills Jesus’ prayer for “thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Schedule and messages:

  • Week 1: I’ll open the series speaking on God the Father and understanding our identity as a child of God

  • Week 2: Nicolette will address God the Son and developing a heart of gratitude for the Father’s love

  • Week 3: Ben LaFrinier, a former Vineyard pastor, will speak on grace and our need for a savior

  • Week 4: My brother, Kyle Kranz, a worship leader at Sunrise Assemblies of God, will explore the presence of God and how a heart of worship values God’s presence

  • Week 5: Pastor Shari, fresh off her sabbatical, will speak about God the Holy Spirit

  • Week 6: I’ll wrap up the series

Please join us at 10 AM on Sundays, either in person (at Firefly Coffee) or via Facebook Live, to foster your lifestyle of worship.