BRAVE Women experiencing renewed hope and connection

The world we live in is inundated with rip off and hollow versions of love. Everywhere we look, people are chasing love and acceptance at work, in relationships, and with achievement. There's a desperation to be loved—truly, it is one of the absolute drivers of our lives and existence. The challenge is that most attempt to find this deeply fulfilling love from the wrong source. While we find companionship, friendship, and enjoyment with people, only the love of God can satisfy and fill the longing of our hearts.

Each month, BRAVE women are gaining hope, healing, and encouragement from one another as they draw closer to God and learn to accept His love more fully. Women come to our monthly women’s group with tough emotional challenges - strained and broken marriages, scars from past physical and emotional abuse, grief, addiction, and more. While each women is in her own place in the healing journey, they learn they are not alone and that the pull to isolate themselves and their pain from others only keeps them from healing. BRAVE women learn from and support one another while strengthening their relationship with God. There is laughter. There is heartache and tears. There is friendship and love. There is healing and hope.

Be Brave. Join us the second Saturday of every month. 1 p.m. at Stompin’ Grounds (14 Church Street).